Five bold Patriots predictions for 2019 NFL season: No Super Bowl, but watch out for Gronk's return

Five bold Patriots predictions for 2019 NFL season: No Super Bowl, but watch out for Gronk's return

Five bold Patriots predictions for 2019 NFL season: No Super Bowl, but watch out for Gronk's return
Five bold Patriots predictions for 2019 NFL season: No Super Bowl, but watch out for Gronk's return
For a group that is falling off a Super Bowl win, the Patriots sure are confronting a ton of inquiries as they prepare to head into the 2019 season, and a large portion of those inquiries are in all out attack mode side of the ball. 

Would anyone be able to supplant Rob Gronkowski? Will somebody other than Julian Edelman venture up at beneficiary? Will Isaiah Wynn at long last assume control over the beginning left handle work? Will anyone purchase Tom Brady's home? 

For most groups in the NFL, having that numerous inquiries at that many key positions would likely imply that they're going to be in for an unfortunate year, however the Patriots aren't generally groups. On the off chance that Bill Belchick has demonstrated one thing in the course of recent years, it's that he has the uncanny capacity to adjust his strategies to his faculty, which is the reason he's fundamentally had the option to construct a victor regardless of who he has on the list. 

With the Patriots confronting inquiries at both tight end and wide collector, it wouldn't amaze at all to see them run the ball more in 2019, which would really be vintage Belichick. In the present NFL, tried and true way of thinking says that you should toss the ball more to be effective on offense. Obviously, Belichick snickers even with tried and true way of thinking, which is the reason the Patriots have been so useful for such a long time. 

Fundamentally, the Patriots' passing numbers could go down in 2019, however that won't wind up influencing the measure of progress they have on the field during the standard season. In view of that, how about we get to our five strong forecasts, which incorporates two season expectations, two hostile expectations and one Gronk-related forecast.

1. Loyalists are 2019's final undefeated group

This probably won't sound like a strong expectation, yet it unquestionably qualifies, and that is on the grounds that the Patriots have just pulled off this accomplishment one time during Bill Belichick's 19 seasons in New England. In 2007, the Patriots were the NFL's final undefeated group during the normal season, and that is on the grounds that they never lost during the ordinary season. The group completed 16-0 and won two playoff games before the Giants burnt their ideal season by beating them 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII (in 2015, the Patriots began 10-0, however they weren't the NFL's final undefeated group on the grounds that the Panthers began 14-0). 

On the off chance that you take a gander at the Patriots' calendar for 2019, particularly from the get-go in the season, it's elusive a game where they may lose. Through the initial nine weeks of the year, the Patriots' timetable resembles this: Pittsburgh, at Miami, New York Jets, at Buffalo, at Washington, New York Giants (Thursday), at New York Jets (Monday), Cleveland, at Baltimore. 

In the event that the Patriots can beat the Steelers in the opener (they lost to Pittsburgh last season) and in the event that they can top the Dolphins out and about in Week 2 (they're only 1-5 in Miami in the course of the last six seasons), it wouldn't be insane to see them hit their bye week at 9-0. On the off chance that that occurs, there's a decent possibility they'll be the last undefeated group standing. 

Obviously, there is one drawback to being the NFL's last undefeated group during the standard season: That group always loses the Super Bowl, which takes us to our next intense forecast.

2. Patriots don't return to the Super Bowl

There's a 90 percent shot that each loyalist fan alive will most likely rub this forecast in my face before the finish of the period, however I'm going to make it at any rate. 

Stop and think for a minute: when the 2019 season begins, the Patriots will firearm get to the Super Bowl for a fourth straight season, which is something that is almost difficult to do in the NFL. In the 53 years that the Super Bowl has existed, just one group has ever figured out how to make it to the NFL's greatest game in four straight seasons, yet I'm not going to specify that group's name since I would prefer not to lose everybody in Buffalo after I just anticipated the Patriots would be home in February. 

This feels like the year the Patriots at last make a minor stride back. All things considered, I think they'll make the playoffs and potentially even the AFC Championship Game, I simply don't appear them returning to the Super Bowl. 

The most concerning issue for the Patriots is the loss of Gronk, who may be the main individual during Belichick's residency who left the group before the Patriots mentor could dispose of him. During Belichick's 19 years as mentor, we've seen him dump numerous veterans who were either past their prime or in line to get a gigantic contract that New England would not like to pay out. Now and again Belichick exchanges them, at some point he cuts them and some of the time he gives them a chance to stroll in free office, however regardless of how it occurs, it generally occurs. Trey Flowers, Chandler Jones, Logan Mankins, Mike Vrabel, Richard Seymour, Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Lawyer Milloy and Adam Vinatieri are only a couple folks who have experienced this circumstance. 

With Gronk, Belichick certainly wasn't prepared to proceed onward, which reveals to you how much the tight end still intended to the group's offense. Belichick spent almost the whole offseason attempting to discover tight closures who may most likely assistance supplant Gronk, however there doesn't generally appear to be anybody on the program who fits the form. Essentially, this feels like the year where the Patriots offense at last makes a little stride back, which will be only enough to shield them from getting to their fourth straight Super Bowl.

 3. Tom Brady throws for under 4,000 yards

This expectation has nothing to do with Brady's age or the way that he just eats natural avocados, yet everything to do with the way that Brady will miss two players who joined for 1,402 accepting yards a year ago (Gronk and Josh Gordon). 

Subsequent to driving the NFL in passing yards only two years prior, the expectation here is that Brady doesn't break the 4,000-yard mark in 2019. 

Despite the fact that I completely anticipate that Brady should have a fruitful season, I don't figure his passing numbers will be all that high because of the plan of the Patriots offense. In the event that the Patriots offense is deficient with regards to one thing this year, it's pass-catchers. For one, despite everything they don't have a satisfactory substitution for Gronk, and they additionally don't generally have any demonstrated beneficiaries behind Julian Edelman, in spite of the fact that Belichick has spent the whole offseason attempting to discover both tight finishes and collectors. 

Obviously, there is one position where the Patriots do have a lot of profundity, and that is at running back. Despite the fact that the remainder of the NFL is experiencing passionate feelings for the passing game, Belichick has consistently been known for doing his own thing, and it's practically similar to he's without any help attempting to demonstrate that you can in any case win with a solid running game. In the previous two years alone, the Patriots have chosen a running back high in the draft. In 2018, they took Sony Michel with a first-round lift and afterward pursued that up in 2019 by taking Damien Harris in the third round. Other than those two, the Patriots likewise have James White, Rex Burkhead and James Develin. Essentially, the Patriots are stacked at running back, and they realize how to use each person. 

Brady will likely finish 65 percent or a greater amount of his goes in 2019 and he'll presumably toss something close to 30 touchdowns, he just won't hit the 4,000-yard mark on the grounds that New England needn't bother with him to. The Patriots can in any case be great regardless of whether Brady doesn't toss for 4,000 yards. The last time Brady played a full season and didn't hit the 4,000-yard imprint came in 2010 and the Patriots still went 14-2. Truly, of the multiple times that the Patriots have won at least 14 games in a season during Brady's vocation, he completed three of those seasons with under 4,000 passing yards.

4. Sony Michel leads the AFC in rushing

During the 2018 season, Michel missed three weeks of playing time and still nearly figured out how to break 1,000 yards surging. In 13 games as a new kid on the block, Michel scrambled for 930 yards, which positioned fifteenth by and large in the NFL and seventh in the AFC. 

In the event that the Patriots demonstrated one thing during Michel's newbie year, it's that they're not hesitant to make him their workhorse. The Patriots fundamentally rode Michel's legs to the Super Bowl last season. In New England's divisional success over the Chargers, Michel scrambled for 129 yards and three touchdowns. The following week in the AFC title game, Michel scrambled for 113 yards and two touchdowns. Michel additionally scored the main touchdown of the game in the Patriots' Super Bowl prevail upon the Rams. 

On the off chance that you incorporate that 13-3 Super Bowl win, Michel found the middle value of 112 yards and two touchdowns for every game in the playoffs while likewise potentially giving us a see of what the Patriots offense may resemble this year. The huge preferred position Michel - and the Patriots' running game generally speaking - has over different groups is that you can't stack the crate to stop the Patriots on the ground. On the off chance that you do that, Tom Brady will just dissect you and the Patriots will get the last chuckle like they generally do. 

Because of the profundity the Patriots have at running back, Michel will be unable to come to the 1,400 or 1,500 yards that it may take to lead the NFL in hurrying, yet driving the AFC unquestionably appears to be a sensible objective. In 2018, the gathering's driving rusher was Joe Mixon, who completed with 1,168 yards. Michel arrived at the midpoint of 71.6 yards per game a year ago, which would have put him at 1,146 on the off chance that he had played each of the 16 games.

5. Gronk comes out of retirement

As far back as Rob Gronkowski reported his retirement back in March, there's been constant hypothesis about whether he's really going to remain resigned. Gronk appears to like this theory, which is most likely why he continues messing around with us each time somebody inquires as to whether he's going to leave retirement. 

Despite the fact that Gronk certainly is by all accounts getting a charge out of retirement at the present time, that could change once the season begins. The uplifting news for Gronk is that the Patriots' calendar really sets up well for him to leave retirement. The Patriots have a bye in Week 10, which means Gronk could hypothetically avoid the initial nine weeks of the period and afterward return in November without a moment to spare for the stretch run. The upside of going this course is it would give Gronk's body an entire seven months to mend before enduring any shots. Additionally, since the Patriots would fall off a bye, Gronk would have two entire weeks to re-adapt himself with the offense. 

Goodness, and how about we not overlook that Gronk's operator, Drew Rosenhaus, coolly brought up in March that the tight end would presumably consider an arrival if Brady by and by called him and requested that he return. 

So what does of the majority of this mean? 

As per Pro Football Talk, it evidently implies that there's a 40 percent shot Gronk will restore this year. So you're letting me know there's an opportunity? 

The expectation here is that Gronk returns eventually after Week 8.

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