Pirates-Reds brawl: Yasiel Puig goes nuts as news breaks he’s been traded

Pirates-Reds brawl: Yasiel Puig goes nuts as news breaks he’s been traded

Pirates-Reds brawl: Yasiel Puig goes nuts as news breaks he’s been traded
Pirates-Reds brawl: Yasiel Puig goes nuts as news breaks he’s been traded
The Cincinnati Reds Twitter record may have best outlined the occasions of Tuesday night: "There's a lotta stuff going on." 

There sure was, as that "stuff" included Reds outfielder Yasiel Puig being engaged with a seats clearing fight minutes after news broke that he had been exchanged. 

In the late innings of the Reds-Pirates game at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, expression of the blockbuster arrangement started to flow. ESPN's Jeff Passan revealed that Puig was getting exchanged to the Cleveland Indians for Cleveland right-hander Trevor Bauer as a major aspect of a three-group arrangement including the San Diego Padres. 

It turns out Puig's last minutes as an individual from the Reds were very significant. 

With two outs in the base of the seventh inning, a pitch from Pirates reliever Keone Kela cruised directly over the head of Derek Dietrich and seemed to get the blood bubbling. Reds first baseman Joey Votto yelled toward the Pittsburgh burrow among innings, and group boss Larry Vanover cautioned the two groups. 

In the ninth inning, Reds reliever Jared Hughes was launched out in the wake of hitting Starling Marte with a pitch, one he says "just slipped." Later that inning, in the midst of the exchange talk, Reds' pitcher Amir Garrett surrendered a three-run homer. He began twittering with the Pirates' seat. 

Things at that point got insane. 

During a visit to the hill by Jeff Pickler, Garrett abruptly kept running toward the Pirates' burrow. He threw a punch, taking on the whole Pittsburgh group himself. Mayhem ejected; players spilled out of the burrows. 

Reds administrator David Bell — who had been launched out before in the game for contending balls and strikes — returned out and charged Pittsburgh chief Clint Hurdle.

When it showed up things were beginning to quiet down, Puig propped the fight up. 

"It's the best battle I've most likely been in as an individual from a group," Dietrich stated, as per "That is to say, I've witnessed exchanges. To the extent it occurred as the battle was going on, and I'm supposing like, 'Man, what are the Indians supposing at the present time? What's happening? This is likely insane this is occurring. He's getting exchanged.'" 

By and large, eight individuals, including Bell, Garrett and Puig, were launched out Tuesday. The Pirates proceeded to win 11-4. 

Puig said he got some answers concerning the exchange after his discharge. 

"I'm going to miss every one of my colleagues here," Puig told columnists after the game. 

Garrett will acknowledge any discipline MLB pass on, he said. 

"I am sorry for my activities, yet in the warmth of things, in some cases they bamboozle you," Garrett said. 

After it was all finished, the Reds presented a tweet saying on take a couple of full breaths and to go get some frozen yogurt. 

The groups have a short turnaround. They play each other again Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. ET.

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